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Car rental conditions at SeaAutoTravel

The rental price includes:

  • - use of the car, equipped with everything necessary in the period established by the contract;

  • - delivery to the place of receiving the car;

  • - additional equipment (- Wi-Fi router, baby car seat or booster);

  • - second driver;

  • - insurance policy

  • - Green card (by agreement)

  • Payment of the lease for the entire period in full is made at the time of transfer of the car and signing the lease agreement.

  • The minimum rental period is 24 hours, the allowable return delay is 1 hour. For returning a car with a delay of more than 1 hour - additional payment for the next day.

  • The minimum age of the driver - 21 years

  • Minimum driving experience - 2 years

  • The driver can only be persons specified in the lease agreement.

  • The number of passengers and the mass of the transported cargo must comply with the technical characteristics of the vehicle.

  • You must obtain consent to cross the borders of Montenegro

  • The car must be returned in its pure form (outside and inside)

  • The car must be returned with the same level of fuel with which it was taken

  • All additional costs associated with the operation of the vehicle (refueling the car, payment of fines, parking, toll roads, tunnels, ferries, bridges, etc.), are borne by the Lessee.

The cost of renting a car depends on its class (economy, average, business, luxury, mniven, etc.), the season and the number of days you rent it. The longer the rental period, the lower the cost per day.

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минимальная стоимость
высокий сезон
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