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car rental cheap

This is one of the most popular cars that are rented from us for a small company of up to 3 people. Customers love its compactness, excellent driving performance, economy and affordable price.

Opel Astra 2008.jpg

cabriolet rental

Sea Auto Travel has everything you need and more. Convertibles are very popular among lovers of fresh air and beautiful photographs. These cars are in great demand during the summer, so it is better to book them in advance!

Mercedes Vito 2010.jpg


for hire

Are you traveling with a large company? Then this minibus will delight you with its spaciousness and comfort. Despite its size, it is also quite economical in fuel consumption.

Travel freely with SeaAutoTravel !

Arka Garni Hotel.png

SeaAutoTravel offers transportation services for travelers, people who came to Montenegro on business, car owners, put in for repair, etc. The reasons for the demand for transport services can be very different. We know how to help you, so that you can travel in your usual comfort and rhythm, visiting those places that you have planned. We know how to quickly and safely take you from point A to point B.

For those who like to steer themselves - RENT A CAR (without a driver), and for others who do not want to fill their heads with parking lots, routes, gas stations - TRANSFER (with driver)

And also, we will be happy to develop a route for your unforgettable, bright, colorful trip to Montenegro and neighboring countries, advise places that you must see with your own eyes, help you organize your turn-key voyage. All interested are invited to use our CONSULTING SERVICES.

The cost of car rental includes:

Car rental at Montenegro airport

Montenegro has two international airports:

  • Tivat airport (TIV)

  • Podgorica airport (TGD)

How nice it is, getting off the plane, immediately load your things and yourself into the car and rush towards new adventures!

Why do we recommend taking a car right at the airport for the entire period of your vacation in Montenegro?

  1. It is convenient: you arrived, sat down and drove off!

  2. Car rental makes you independent from other people or intrusive service.

  3. You save - no need to pay for a transfer to the booked accommodation, for public transport, which, unfortunately, is not always convenient. For example, a transfer from Tivat airport to the city center or its surroundings costs about 10 €, to Budva - 25 €, to Kotor - 15 €

  4. The car is freedom of choice! You can go wherever you want at any time convenient for you!

There are, of course, some inconveniences of renting a car at the airport:

- You will have to taxi after a long flight

- You need to mobilize your skills in orientation on the terrain, especially if you are in Montenegro for the first time.

The last moment is successfully leveled by the presence of a navigator and Internet connection

How to rent a car at Tivat or Podgorica airport

1. Fill out the form for booking a car

2. Wait for the manager's answer about the availability of a free car

3. Agree on all the nuances

4. In order not to waste time when receiving the car, provide the necessary documents in advance (as agreed with the manager)

5. After arrival and going through all the formalities, you will be met by the SeaAutoTravel manager

6. Inspect the car and sign the Car Rental Agreement

7. Load your luggage, yourself and your companions into the car, and go!

Аэропорт Тиват.jpg
Аренда авто в Подгорице.jpg

How much does it cost to rent a car at Montenegro airport?

- the cost of car rental is from 9 € / day and depends on:

  • number of rental days,

  • season,

  • car class

SeaAutoTravel does not charge extra for delivering a car to the airport in Tivat or Podgorica.

How long does it take to arrange a car rental?

- If you provided copies of documents in advance (driver's license, passport), then within 10 minutes after meeting with a SeaAutoTravel representative, you will be able to go to your destination!

How and where will I meet with the SeaAutoTravel manager?

- You do not need to run around the airport in Tivat or Podgorica and look for our representative - he will meet you with a sign at the exit from the arrivals area. The text of the plate is agreed with you.

Аренда в аэропорту Черногории

Additional services:

Дмитрий Си Авто Трэвел.jpeg

We will deliver you by your (or our) car

Indulge in tasting local drinks,

even if you are "driving"!

Just dial +382 68 290 628,

a sober driver will come, get behind the wheel of your car and take you wherever you say!

Ольга Си Авто Трэвел.jpg

Where to go and what to see in Montenegro?

We will compose a travel itinerary in Montenegro and neighboring countries, taking into account your wishes.

Свети Стефан. Аренда авто

Assistance in the selection and booking of housing in Montenegro

Are you planning to visit Montenegro for the first time and do not know which city to choose for your vacation? Entrust us with the selection and booking of accommodation in accordance with your wishes. We guarantee an individual approach and the best selection in terms of price-quality ratio

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